Gaslow R67 Twin Bottle System

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Gaslow refillable bottle allow you to have these bottles permanently fitted to your vehicle and you can fill up at any UK LPG station

There is also the option to fill at just about any European LPG station by using the filler adaptors available

This is a set put together by ourselves giving you just about everything you would need to set a Twin Bottle Gaslow system up in a new installation

In this kit you get as shown below

This will allow you to install this into your camper van and have a exterior filler cap to fill the bottle.

If you do not wish to drill holes in the side of your vehicle you can add the Filler Bracket to allow you to mount the filler cap internally

You can then take the 8mm feed form the bottom of the regulator and run round to your entire gas system

Options available are as shown below

  • Twin 6Kg System (See Photo 1)
  • 11Kg & 6Kg System (See Photo 2)
  • Twin 11Kg System (See Photo 3)

We also have single bottle systems available here