What is “My Build List”?

The converting and fitting out your new motorhome is going to be an exciting time, yet there are going to be countless parts and supplies you are going to need in order to complete the job. 

The “MY Build List” allows you to browse our website catalogue, and select items you may want to use either now or in the future, saving them into a handy reference list which you can access at anytime. You can buy from your list as and when you are ready which will allow you to keep a record of what you have purchased and the items you still need. 

It is easy to add items to your MY Build List and from your MY Build List to your shopping cart at anytime of the day or night, giving your peace of mind that you won’t forget all those important parts. 

To use the MY Build List, simply register and then start Adding to your My Build List, you can add as many items as you want. 

Please be assured we do not sell your data to 3rd party, and will not e-mail you endlessly. If however we have an items on special offer which we believe might be of interest to you, especially if they are in your My Build List, we will let you know. 

You can see from the example list here that we have already purchased

4 x Doors
8 x 25mm Angle

The remaining items are saved in the My Build List so we can purchase later.

You may also find the My Build List useful if you are planning a visit to our showroom, as we can access your My Build List or you can print it off to bring with you.