Stage 9 – Roof Lining

Now we have the insulation in we are just about ready to put the roof in.

This is quite a final bit so before we go any further we need to make sure we have all the cables in the correct positions, also the timber frames in our roof are going to support the furniture lockers so we need to make sure the timbers are in he correct place before putting the decorative board up.

We are starting at the front of the van, as we have used our own sub frames we have an end to work to, so we measure form here to 4ft (the width of the Balboa boards we are using) At the 4ft we make sure the 4ft falls on half a timber so when in position we can fix staple along the edge of the board to hold into position. If there is not a timber at the 4ft then we insert one now before it is too late.

So, we have all timbers in place, all cables in place now it is time to cut the board to shape, using home made timber props we get the board roughly into position and scribe around any odd shapes and edges.

Part of this board will cover the rooflight sub frame however this is not a problem as once the board is into position because we used a sub frame we simply router it out (See Photo 4) We have also made a small hole in the correct position for the lighting cable to pop through

Now the board is cut to shape, using the Wurth Bond & Seal we put a bead on every timber the board will be coming into contact with, position the board, pull the cables through and press up into position. While holding in place using our props we support the board on both edges. This then allows us to make small adjustment to make sure the position is final. Supported on the edges by the props, when apply some pressure around the middle of the board to make sure it is making contact with the timbers covered in the Wurth bond & seal.

Now we are happy it is firmly in place we can then secure the board by stapling the edges which will eventually be covered by D-Mould Joint Strip. We run a row of staples down both sides of the board.

As this board is covering a rooflight we can now router out the rooflight hole, using a router cutter simply run round the sub frame and it will give you a perfect finish every time. Once this is cut out we then staple round the frame of the rooflight to give extra support, and as it will be covered by the trim round the rooflight it will not be seen.

Now all that is left to do is keep propped over night to ensure the adhesive does its job. Then onto the next board!

Before & After