Stage 8 – Insulation

Insulation is one of the few items we do not sell and since looking into it for this project we realize why, its hard to find exactly what to use.

There are all sorts of insulation available, and all of which seem to have their positives and their negatives. After researching with several insulation companies and with the help from customers and the SBMCC forum we finally made a decision.

Initially we thought the bubble foil would be a great easy to apply method, however when looking into it in detail there appears the insulation properties claimed cannot be verified and therefore not suitable on it's own. However we had purchased the bubble foil before we discovered it.

We finally settled on Rockwool style insulation however they suggested that vapour barrier would be crucial to avoid moisture. as we already had the bubble foil here, we have therefore used the bubble foil as our vapour barrier and then the Rockwool for our main insulation.

The bubble foil we glued straight back to the steel of the van using our High Temp Spray Glue. As the foil is very flexible it easy shaped round the corners and shapes of the the van.

Next  we used the Rockwool to stuff all the small crevices along the bottom and the top of the walls. Rockwool is easy to cut by hand using a sharpish knife, so we simply measures each crevice and then cut the Rockwool slightly bigger than the crevice to ensure a tight hold

Please note always ensure not to hide any cables that need to "pop through" for second fix electrics. Simply make a small hole in the Rockwool and pop through any cables as required

We then cut the Rockwool to size for the wall panels, using spray glue sprayed the foil vapour barrier and then stuck the Rockwool into place (The reason we glued it back was to ensure the Rockwool does not sink over time with the vibration of the van while travelling)

Once the majority of the van is covered we then used all off cuts and cut another sheet to fill all the very small gaps in between ribs

Not being insulation experts we are relying on allot of advice on insulation, however having spoken to Rockwool, Super Foil, 3M, Kingspan, the SBMCC plus some of the smaller converters who build 4-5 vans per year we feel we have as sufficient insulation for a van to be used within the UK's weather range