Stage 6b – First Fix Electrics 230V

As mentioned in the 12v section of this stage we will be using a Sargent EC155/EC51, this will help us control all the mains and 12v electrics.

The first thing we did is work out how many mains sockets we wanted and their location, also we will need a mains feed for the water heater. On this van this is all we need on the mains side, sometimes if you are using a 3 way fridge you need a separate run for this or any other mains appliances you are planning on using.

Firstly the Sargent unit needs a mains feed, we have therefore cut a mains inlet into the side of the van and run 2.5 Mains cable from the inlet to the Sargent unit. We have decided to put the mains inlet on the opposite side of the van to the sliding door, as we will be adding an awning to this van we don't want to have the mains inlet on show if you are sat in the awning.

We have used a black Rectangle mains inlet, cut a hole in the van to the correct size and made a little timber frame so when we screws the mains inlet it has something to screw

Wiring the Mains Sockets

We have taken some 1.5 mains cable form the Sargent unit to the first socket, leave a small loop of cable, then run this onto the second socket leave a loop and so on until you reach the final socket and terminate your feed at this final socket.

Wiring the Water Heater

This is again quite simple, we will be using a Truma Ultrastore, these come with a switched fused spur. There is cable coming out the side of the heater that needs running to the switch, then our feed form the Sargent unit also need running to this switch (We have used 1.5 mains cable for this feed)

Sorry the photos are not quite so detailed on this stage, however there is not really anything to take a photo of other than cables.