Stage 6a – First Fix Electrics 12V

The electric on the vans can be quite involved so we have decided to show you them in stages, so firstly the 12V

We will be using Sargent EC155/EC51 control unit, this makes the job allot easier as all you need to do is run all your 12v and mains cables back to the unit and it does all the hard work for you.

We do the first fix electrics at this stage as it helps to have all the cables in before lining the van so they are all hidden. This does mean a good bit of planning is needed (But never fear you can always add bit at a later date) It would be better to get in as much as you can at this stage.


For all the lighting we will be using 12v 14 Strand cable

We are going to have 5 ceiling lights, 2 in the front, 2 in the rear and 1 in the bathroom. To achieve we have run 3 separate feeds from the Sargent unit out to these 3 separate sections. We will also have some down lighters in the under the lockers and above the kitchen unit, plus some additional decorative DOT LED's in the kickers of the seating area. We will therefore run 1 feed for all the down lights and 1 feed for the decorative DOT LED's so we can isolate these if required.

Therefore we have 5 separate runs from the Sargent unit to all the lights. The back ceiling lights we have run 1 cable to the first light, leave a loop, the run it to the second light and finish at that second light. (No need to return back to the unit as the cable is twin cable)

We repeat this again for the front lights

The same process applies to all the down lighters, run the cable to the first light, loop the cable at this light, run the next light and leave a loop and so on, finally finishing at the last light

12V Sockets

This wires in very much the same way as the lighting, the only major difference is the size of the cable. It needs to be bigger cable as the draw on 12v sockets can be larger that lighting. Therefore we are using 12v 28 Strand cable for this, the plan is to have 4 x separate 12v sockets located around the van, because of the location of them we have decided to run them on 3 separate feeds form the Sargent unit.

We have 1 near the kitchen wall, 1 in the side of the kitchen unit accessible form the end of the kitchen unit near the sliding door, so we take the 28 strand cable form the sargent unit, loop it at the first socket and then finish at the second socket

The other 2 sockets are on the opposite side of the van and as they are far apart we are running these on separate feeds (Also as the feed for the 12v sockets is constantly live we will be using this same feed for some 12v items near by - See below)

Water Pump

The Sargent units have a dedicated connection for the pressure pumps so we will run a separate feed from the sargent unit to the pump using 12V 28 Strand cable.

Toilet Feed

We are using a 12v flush toilet so this needs a 12v live feed, as there is a 12v socket close to the shower room we can use this feed to connect the toilet form the same cable

Water Heater Feed

As with the above toilet there will be a 12v socket near by, we will therefore use this feed to connect the 12v on the water heater

Cooker Ignition

Again there is a 12v socket near by the cooker so we can use this feed for the ignition on the cooker

Propex Heater

This is not close to any 12v sockets but still needs a constant 12v feed for the fan and igniter so will run a separate 12v 28 Strand cable from the Sargent unit to this