Stage 4 – Fitting Sliding Door Window

We have listed this installation separate as it is different to the other side windows

As the finished wall thickness on the sliding door will be around 30mm then this install is particularly straight forward

We have previously cut the holes in the van (See stage 2)

We have then made a timber frame with internal measurements of 900mm x 500mm to match the hole in the van

This was made from 22mm thick timber framing

We bonded this in place from the inside with Sikaflex 512 (It is not a necessity to bond them in place, you can let the window hold it in position however we had time to let the glue go off before we needed to install the window) It also make the installing of the window allot easier as it is 1 less piece to have to hold into position.

Once this timber frame is installed we then cut some 6mm raw plywood to the shape of the inner panel, and cut the 900mm x 500mm hole of this plywood making us a internal timber frame

We then carpeted this frame using Beige Smooth Vel Trim and High Temp Spray Glue, by cutting the carpet bigger than the frame. Spray the glue on both the carpet and the frame, let the glue go touch dry and then bond the carpet and the frame together. We then cut the 900 x 500 opening out, and round the edges again glued the overlapping piece and the back of the timber and wrapped round. On the radius corners it is sometimes necessary to slit the carpet on the back edge to stop the carpet creasing.

We now have a neatly trimmed and finished panel, all we need to do now is place the finished panel in position over the timber frame, put a couple of screws to hold it in place then install the window

The Seitz S4 Windows do come with a rubber around round the outside edge so on a perfectly flat surface in theory you would not need to add any additional sealant

However as our door on this van in not perfectly flat and as it is important to ensure not leaks we add a good bead Black Sikaflex 221 to the outside frame of the window

We then got a second person to hold the outside frame into position while someone on the inside screws the inner frame to the outer frame using the screws supplied. This then traps between the inner frame and outer frame, the exterior metal of the van, the 22mm timber frame and the finished carpeted panel together making a solid and finished item

The Black Sikaflex does squeeze out of the edges of the window, this is a good sign as it is showing that the Sikaflex is making contact between the window frame and the metal of the van. To clean this up and rag, some white spirit and a bit of patience!

Finished Job