Stage 2 – Cutting Out For Windows

We very carefully marked out the size for the cut out, in this case we are using a a Seitz S4 900 x 500 Window

For the Seitz windows the size you order is the hole size, so this needs to be a 900mm x 500mm cut out

We make a wooden template at 900mm x 500mm to draw round and ensure accuracy

Once we marked on the van the correct size and made sure it is level, we drill the corners to allow access for our jig saw

Then using masking tape cover the cut out and put plenty outside the line, this will stop the van getting marked with the vibration from the jig saw

Once you have the holes drilled big enough to allow the jig saw blade in you can start cutting!

We use a good quality normal jig saw with steel blades in, you will get through a few blades as the vans steel is tough, however doing it this way gives you control and is something most self builders will have access to.

Before you start cutting, just check 1 more time that you are happy with the markings on the van and then you can crack on !

Slowly cut through 1 side at a time and on the last cut have someone on the inside of the van to catch the cut out piece so it does not cause any damage when it falls.

We always advise cutting along the top line last so the panel can hold itself in position while you are doing so

Then you have your first cut out done! Now you can sit back and be proud of your achievement!

At this stage, as our van is inside we can leave the cut outs until we are ready to install the windows