Stage 15 – Fitting Remis Cab Blinds

There is a lot of confusion when fitting these as the instructions supplied by Remis are not as clear as they could be

The side panels are very easy indeed, we simply opened the door and got someone to hold the panel up in place

It is tailored to the shape of the door so can only fit in one position

Once in position using the self tapping screws supplied, we screwed straight into the steel through the 3 fixing positions as circled below

There are 3 rubber washers supplied, it is not clear in the book if they go on the face or behind the frame, but they felt right behind the frame to us and make a more secure fix

There are also 3 additional pre-drilled hole inside the blind that you can only access when in the open position as above.

2 were again screwed into the metal framing and one down into the plastic trim.

Side panels fitted, as easy as that !

Fitting the fronts was a little more complicated

Stage one was to glue the rods together, you would think was a simple task but very easy to get wrong

2 of the rods have a grey insert in one end and a male pipe sticking out of the other so pretty straight forward

The other 2 rods are very slightly tapped one end, the other end is just open, however it is very easy to mix these up

On the picture below the left hand rod is the threaded one, do not glue this end, the right hand rod is that one that you use the glue on and insert the male bars from the other rods into

Next was to remove the existing trims that run down the door pillars, we simply pulled the rubber away near the pillars, and pulled the grey plastic trim away

This came off and had 3 white connectors that hold it in place, you need to re-use 2 of these to fix the Remis cover back up in place

Picture below shows the 2 trims side by side we have removed 2 of the clips from the existing one on the right hand side and transferred them onto the new Remis trim on the left

The Remis pillar then simply clicked back into place

We then took the right hand side pillar and attached the rods that we glue together earlier, the right hand end of the rods have a grey insert to accept a screw

We held the rods into the holes top and bottom of the right hand pillar and screwed from the other side into the insert

Once done they should look like the below, (make sure you slide the central support brackets on both rods at this stage)

This right hand pillar is now ready to be fitted, it simply pushed into place like we did on the left one and was careful with the rods

The rods then needed forcing into place and threading onto the nuts, this was a little tricky (in our opinion these rods did not need gluing together so early and would make threading onto nuts a lot easier if they were not glued together until this stage) however manufacturers instructions do override an opinion

Then the next stage was to fit the top decorative covers, there is little confusion here as the instructions state the use of rawl plugs, and they are not supplied

After speaking to Remis we agreed they are not needed and ours fitted perfectly well without them, but that did cause a little confusion

We fitted the right hand side one first, screwed that in place by self tapping directly into the head lining through the pre-drilled holes in the trim

It was not 100% clear where to position them, however we ended up following the edge of the head lining which looked right and when completed worked well

The only thing left to do was secure the rods in the centre, again the instructions just said screw them up with no indication where to screw them, it was pretty obvious it needed to be center but how far away from the windscreen?

We operated the blinds and pulled them to the centre and marked the top brackets first where look correct and had no snags, we then fixed the top bracket in place.

We then did the same process with the bottom bracket, pulled the blinds across marked where was correct and fixed into position

We then tried the blinds, made sure they ran smoothly and everything looked great which it did and that was the job completed !