Stage 15 – Making Furniture – Bed Frame

We have our floor fitted we have our wall lined now comes the building of furniture.

We have decided to use our newest colour range Amati Walnut wood grain, it is fast becoming the more popular colour and we personally think it gives a much nicer, warmer finish.

With the layout we are having we intend to have a waist high, full width rear panel as the end of the beds, so this is our first job.

To get the correct shape cut we firstly decide on our height and using a plywood off cut and a strengthening timber to hold it in position we make a complete rear template. Once we are happy with this we we can copy this template onto our 15mm furniture board.

Cut Panel in Position

Cutting the front panel of the bed is simple enough, going form our layout drawing we know the overall finished width of the bed so cut to width and then simply cut to the desired height using our bench saw.

The opposite end to the back panel we need a "bed end", this is again made from the 15mm furniture board scribed round the wheel arch cut to desired shape and size and then finished with knock in edging. Firstly we scribe it round the wheel arch, as this bit will not be seen we do not need to be mm accurate here , however as a matter of principle we do like to get it as close a finish as possible. Once we have the scribe we to desired height and depth and put a smooth radius on the external corner so we can finish with our knock in edging. To fit the knock in edging we use a 2mm route cutter and cut a 2mm groove in the centre of the boarding, the plastic tee edging then knocks in and hold into position thanks to the barb on it.