Stage 10 – Wall Lining Plywood

We are now ready to start lining the walls, we have all the cables required in, we have all windows cut outs and all other cut outs we will need (That we can think of for now, I'm sure we will have forgotten something!)

We start by lining with raw 6mm plywood, we then line over the top with 3mm decorative boarding, this way we have at least 9mm of fixing at any position on the walls. This is an advantage when fitting furniture and bits to the walls.

The 6mm plywood we have used is a finished decorative plywood (the only reason for this is is some old stock that we have had and it was cheaper than us buying in some alternative 6mm plywood)

The full boards are an easy job, the next few need some scribing and cutting, for example the board shown has to be cut round the water heater so we hold the board into position and scribe round the water heater. The next board is a little more difficult as it has the wheel arch in it. But basically the same process as shown, simply offer up and scribe round whatever your obstacle.

Finally we need to make sure any cables that need to pull through the boards are done, we need to make a small hole big enough for the cables and pull them through

As we have a nice flat roof on this job we can cut the boards to height as there is no scribing to do at the top or bottom.

Once the sheets are cut to size we can screw direct to the steel ribs to make sure we have a good fixing. As we are screwing to steel we need to pre drill the ribs, so we get the board into position mark 2 lines, 1 at the highest rib and 1 at the lowest then drill and screws along these lines. This gives us a good solid fixture on all wallboards.

As we have already made some "Sub Frames" for the windows we simply fit the boards over the window frames. Put a couple of screws through the board into the window frame to secure it into position. Then as with the roof lights we can then router the board out leaving a perfect finish