Whale/Propex Expanse Gas & Electric Water Heater

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The only gas water heater we know of that you can flue through the floor of your vehicle, meaning not external vents cut into the side of your vehicle !

The flue drops through the floor and then runs to the side of your vehicle with up to 2m of exhaust to play with

Will run on gas, electric or both for quicker heating times

Easy to install – Vehicle converters will enjoy the freedom of no having to cut any holes it he side of the vehicle. The resilient outer housing has secure mounting points moulded in to ensure a long term secure fit. Expanse includes external gas connections and a fan-assisted flue which is attached to the underside of the heater to minimize wall and floor cut outs. This helps to ensure that the overall vehicle structure remains intact and installation time is reduced. Installation is further streamlined thanks to Expanse’s unique integrated pressure relief drain valve and easy connection to 12mm push fit plumbing connectors.

  • Fits internally and flues through the floor
  • Balanced flue
  • Gas, Electric or combined
  • Selectable 750 Watt or 1500 Watt power setting
  • East to install
  • Space Saving
  • Fast & efficient
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