Veltrim Smooth Wall Lining Carpet

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Original Veltrim wall lining carpet

Also known as Smooth Vehicle Lining Carpet

Comes in 2m wide rolls

Sold by the meter off the roll, so the price is for a 2m x 1m piece

Available in 4 colours

  • Beige         (AKA VT90 Sand)
  • Blue           (AKA Ocean Blue VT116)
  • Light Grey  (AKA Silver VT154)
  • Charcoal     (AKA Anthracite VT86)

Easy to cut and easy to install

  • Composition = 100% Recyclable polypropylene fibre
  • Weight = 500gms. Per. (+-5%)
  • Flammability = Type approval e11*95/28*0036

This test is equal to FMVSS 302 (Burn rate less then 4″ per minute) with the added test of holt melt test) and is the norm required in all coach building