New Style Truma MonoControl Bulkhead Gas Regulator 52400-01



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The new Truma bulkhead MonoControl regulator

Replaces the old grey GOK style ones and comes with adapter to fit both 10mm and 8mm copper pipe as standard.

Bulkhead mounted gas regulator designed for use in caravans & motorhomes

The gas pressure regulator ensures a uniform output pressure of 30 mbar with a permissible inlet pressure range of 0.3-16bar.

Using the MonoControl regulator in closed rooms (e.g. at home), on boats or in EX Zone 0 (e.g. tankers) is prohibited.

An automatic Pressure Relife Valve safety device integrated in the MonoControl with limited flow protects the connected consumers against impermissibly high pressure. As soon as ab impermissibly high pressure arises on the output side , the PRV opens and blows out the overpressure into the air. The PRV closes automatically after the pressure is reduced.

MonoControl must not be used for commercial purposes.

Truma part number 52400-01

*please note this is not the crash safe version so cannot be used while travelling*

  • Designed to work on either Propane or Butane
  • Inlet pressure 0.3-16 bar
  • Outlet pressure 30 mbar
  • Regulator inlet – Male thread M20 x 1.5 (G.13)