Fresh Up Set- Replacement Cassette & Toilet Seats

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The cheapest way to buy a replacement cassette for your Thetford toilet 

Thetford now make it cheaper to buy these “Fresh up kits” rather then the cassette on its own
Fresh up kit includes:

  • Replacement cassette
  • Replacement toilet seat

We have 5 different types depending on what toilet model toilet you have

  • One designed to fit C200 range (including C200CW/C200CS/C200CWE)
  • One designed to fit the C400 range (Including 402c & 403l)
  • One designed to fit the C250/C260 range
  • One designed to fir the C220 range (including C223S, C223CS & C224CW

Please note that in 2016 the C200 version changed and have added wheels to the design

These still fit in place of the older ones