Maxview Roam X Combo WiFi & Terrestrial TV Roof Mount Antenna White COMBO/51



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1 Antenna, 2 Applications

Introducing the Maxview Roam Combo Range!

The innovative new Roam X Combo combines 4G internet connectivity with Terrestrial (Freeview™) reception in one antenna.

This listing is for the Maxview Roam X Combo White COMBO/51 which comes with Maxview’s faster 4G & Wi-Fi router with max speed 300Mbps

Combining 2×2 MIMO, 4G internet antenna technology from our Maxview’s best selling ROAM range, with the omnidirectional TV antenna from the Maxview Gazelle Pro – giving you the best of both worlds.

The Roam X Combo saves all important roof space, allows for quicker and simpler installation, with only one roof hole required.

  • Saves roof space, installation time and with roof location flexibility
  • Plug and play complete solution for fast and reliable internet and TV connection in your vehicle
  • In-house built phone application for extra features such as data tracking. Access additional features and configuration using the Maxview Roam smartphone App
  • Freeview Terrestrial TV Channels
  • Designed specifically for vehicle use.
  • Excellent technical support 5 days a week from Maxview
  • Maxview have 55 years designing and manufacturing connectivity products for motorhomes and caravans

How does it work?

Application 1. TV
Receives terrestrial Freeview TV channels when connected to a TV with inbuilt Freeview Tuner. The included signal booster improves signal strength in rural areas and allows the antenna to supply two TVs.

Application 2. Internet

It also uses a fast X router to create a WiFi hotspot in your vehicle. The antenna significantly improves the reception of the signal and is omnidirectional, so it will perform wherever you are and without adjustment. Simply fit and forget.

The Roam X Combo kit will also connect to existing WiFi connections (such as your home) and repeat the signal.


See full technical information and more detailed item description at Maxview’s website below

Roam X Combo WiFi and Terrestrial TV