Maxview Roam X Campervan WiFi Roof Mount System Black MXL057/B


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New to Magnums for 2023

The Maxview Roam X Campervan WiFi kit users a router and an externally-mounted antenna to take 3G and 4G and turn it into a WiFi hotspot for your vehicle.

Slimline roof ideal for mounting on panel vans roofs and fitting between roof ribs and being as discrete as possible.

The Roam X is the upgraded version of the Maxview Roam and comes with the bigger and better router.

This gives you up to 300Mbps (max speed), has 2 sim card ports to give yo maximum coverage and it has 4 x RJ45 Ports

The kit ensures that in low signal and remote areas that you stay connected.

  • Create a WiFi network using 3G and 4G data
  • 5GB FREE SIM card included
  • Most suitable for motorhomes, caravans, canal boats and hospitality vehicles

If you’re looking for motorhome WiFi or caravan WiFi, the Maxview Roam kit provides the internet and WiFi to vehicles because a good internet connection when you are travelling is needed more and more. Checking the weather and researching places to stay, visit and eat is part of any time away.

Many of us also like to keep up to date with family and friends through social media and emails. Not forgetting keeping the kids entertained, the internet and WiFi has fast become a necessity to our daily lives.

The Roam provides a secure and reliable internet hotspot with a 3G and 4G router, perfect for providing motorhome WiFi or caravan WiFi.  Because having caravan internet and motorhome internet is a good start to keeping everyone happy!

  • Plug and play complete solution for fast and reliable connection in your vehicle
  • In-house built phone application for extra features such as data tracking
  • 5G-ready external antenna, future-proofed
  • Designed specifically for motorhome, caravan and other mobile vehicle use.
  • 2 ways to connect, with SIM card or repeat an existing WiFi network
  • Excellent technical support 5 days a week
  • 5GB FREE SIM card included with multi-network technology
  • 55 years designing and manufacturing connectivity products for motorhomes and caravans

What does it do? 

The Roam uses a powerful antenna and a 12v 4G router which provides your motorhome WiFi or Caravan WiFi etc.

The Roam helps you to get better internet in two ways.

  • Firstly the Roam uses 3G or 4G mobile data in order to create a reliable WiFi hotspot. By using the antenna it can often pick up usable signals where your phone can’t.
  • Secondly where a direct WiFi source is available the Roam can be used to connect to an existing WiFi hotspot. Ensuring data is only used when necessary.
  • Overall the Roam kit acts as an ideal Motorhome or Caravan WiFi booster to keep you connected.

Willi be able to watch Netflix, BBC iPLayer or Amazon Prime?

Yes you absolutely can! The Roam kit will keep you connected to all your favourite shows in rural and remote areas, as long as you have a subscription or license for the relevant service.

You will need about 2 – 3Mbps for standard definition streaming and about 3 – 5 Mbps for HD streaming which are achieved almost everywhere in the UK with the Roam.

Music streaming services like Spotify need a maximum of 1Mbps.


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