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The 28.5mm Caravan Waste Water Outlet Socket

Designed to fit underneath the edge of a caravan or motorhome, for your grey wastewater to exit.

The waste outlet is a single feed that can be connected to your grey sink or shower wastewater in your caravan or motorhome to empty either to your waste water carrier or a waste point on a service pitch.

The outlet socket has a 28mm rigid pipe push-fit connection at the rear and an outlet connection for a 28.5mm flexi waste hose or rigid pipe fitting (connecting pipework sold separately).

The outlet connects by screwing or fixing to the underside of the caravan floor – with two fixing points on the outlet. (Screw not supplied)

The wastewater outlet has a secure lift-down flap which clicks closed to prevent water ingress when not in use.

An ideal grey waste water outlet for your caravan or motorhome.


  • Outlet connection: 28mm rigid push-fit
  • Inlet connection: 28.5mm ID convolute flexible hose or 28mm rigid pipe fitting
  • Colour: Grey
  • Outlet dimensions front: 75mm wide x 55mm high