Heatek XB-10 230v Water Heater 10 Litre Campervan



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New for 2024 Heatek are a range of electric boilers designed specifically for use in campervans, caravans, boats & motorhomes

This listing is for the model XB-10 which is 10 litre and comes with a mains 230v element

Supplied with nicely designed wall mount switch.

The advanced insulated housing keep the water temperature at a constant level for a long time.

Due to the smart design, the Heatek boilers heat the water quickly and keep it warm for a long time.

The high-precision heating element and special insulation housing ensures comfort of hot water.

The durable stainless steel tank has been tested up to 5 bar and complies with European drinking water regulations.

The boilers are easily operated by the control panels that can be mounted on the wall.

The indicator light on the control shows the user the current status of the boiler.

All boilers are supplied with a control panel, 2 drain valves, hose clamps, mounting material and a multilingual manual.


  • Stainless steel tank with insulating EPP housing
  • Pump pressure: max. 3.5 bar
  • Temperature limit: 70°C
  • Overtemperature protection: 75°C
  • Drinking water safe


  • Water Storage; 10 Litres
  • Size; 33 wide  X 29 long X 27cm high
  • Input voltage; 240 V AC
  • Power; 600W
  • Current draw; 2.6A
  • Warm up Time; 63 Mins
  • System Max Pressure; 4.5 bar
  • Controls; Simple on / off switch
  • Control wire length; 3 metres