Sargent EC155/EC50 Control System



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The Sargent EC155/EC50 is a complete electric control unit – that has a very nice and compact touch button control
(This control also fits into our CBE surrounds so you can make all your electrics a matching set)
The EC155 / EC50 Complete Electrical Kit is specifically designed for customers that are building their own motorhome or caravan conversion.
If you have a one off build or are a small to medium manufacturer then this would be the perfect choice for your requirements
The kit contains a compact EC155 power supply unit and an easy to use EC50 control panel that is connected via a 5 meter length control lead.
(The great advantage being all the workings of the unit are hidden away and the only bit you need to see is a nice compact display panel )
The DIY harness simply plugs into the EC155 unit and provides all of the available 230V and 12V inputs and outputs for you to terminate into
So basically you run all your cables back to this unit and plug in your mains and 12v appliances to the corresponding coloured cables on the harness
Kit Contents:
  • EC155 power supply unit
  • EC50 control panel
  • 5 meter length control lead
  • EC155 DIY 230V & 12V harness
Additional hard wire plug kit is available for those who do not wish to use the DIY harnesses provided
Please see manufacturers user instructions here: Sargent EC155 User Instructions
Please see manufacturers installation instructions here: Sargent EC155 Install Instrctions
Magnum’s additional installation tips here: Sargent Install Tips