Thetford C224CW Cassette Toilet Manual Flush



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The new Thetford C224CW manual flush cassette toilet is a permanently fitted manual flush toilet with retractable waste holding tank

Part of the new for 2018 C220 range

The C224CW is a manual flush toilet with its own flush water tank, this makes this a service free unit

Comes compete with newly designed cassette which pulls from the rear of the toilet

With the patented Thetford swivel bowl you can turn the bowl freely over 180° to allow maximum installation options

  • Cassette has handle & wheels fitted
  • Increased seating height
  • Bidder, deeper bowl
  • Service door can be fitted horizontally or vertically (options extra)
  • Main dimensions 727mm x 394mm x 580mm
  • Seat height – 492mm
  • Manual fill flush water tank (9 Liters )
  • Waste holding tank capacity (18 Liters)
  • Mechanical level indication on wast holding tank
  • Weight – 8Kg

Flush water filler door included
External cassette access door option extra