Dometic Fridge Vents Black

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New Dometic LS100 & Dometic LS200 fridge vents in black

New boxed units

No longer will you need to spray them yourself, Dometic have brought them out in Black

The top LS100 vent allows the heater air to escape and avoid an energy wasting heat build-up behind you fridge.

The upper LS100 ventilation system consists of a mounting frame and ventilation grill

The lower LS200 vents fresh air for your fridge

The lower LS200 ventilation grill emits cool air from the outside to the rear of the refrigerator

This Saves energy and supports the cooling performance

  • LS100 is top vent
  • LS200 is the bottom vent
  • Complete vent kit, is both LS100 & LS200

Designed for easy maintenance without removing the fridge

The upper ventilator and the lower ventilator are used for all single door Dometic absorption fridges

Only the correct installation of  both grill ensures the refrigerator’s optimum performance. Ventilation area (cm2) 350

Cut out dimensions – mm H x W: 145 x 451 (per vent)
External dimensions – mm H x W: 185 x 479 (per Vent)