Hindermann External Thermal Screens Mercedes Sprinter After 2018



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New to Magnums for 2023 Hindermann External Thermal screens

These affordable thermal mats provide protection from both heat and cold for all seasons

Prevents condensation.

Not as bulky as a quilted fabric screens, therefore would benefit customers with storage limitations.

In the Winter they insulate against the cold and in the Summer they are an effective way of keeping your van cooler by reflecting the suns rays.

Attachment to the vehicle is very quick and simple.

The Four Seasons screens are mounted on the vehicle doors and come complete with bungee fixings and a fold down front section to allow light in during the day without the inconvenience of removing the screen.

The screen also covers the front vent to stop dirt, dust and leaves collecting in that area.

Has Velcro down front section so you can drop the main front section to let light in while still fitted to the vehicle.

This listing is for the Mercedes Sprinter Vans produced after 2018 

**Please note all stock picture are for Fiat Ducato vans this listing is for the above vans**

Hindermann Part number 8521-7405

In both door areas there are inside pockets which simply hung up on the door edges.

The insulation mats are tailored to fit perfectly leaving side view mirrors uncovered.

There are four lashing flaps with plastic eyelets along the bottom edge. The provide additional protection against friction on the paint.

Key features:

  • The thermal foil provides insulation from the cold, heat and drafts
  • No more misted windows
  • Reduces the interior temperature
  • Reflects sunlight
  • Protects privacy
  • Outward view possible when front is open
  • Rubber tensioners are always included in delivery and ensure that the front flap is secure when open
  • Outer surface features special UV radiation protection