Fiamma F80s Awning – Crafter After 2017 Special (Inc Brackets)

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The Fiamma F80s range of awnings replaces the previous F65s model

The F80s is structurally smaller than the previous F65s awning and it’s shape integrates better with the shape of most modern vehicles

It has a several modifications to allow the user more accessory mounting options.

We sell ours complete a 3 piece bracket kit custom made VW Crafter L3 H 3 2017 right up to current date

Available in Polar White or Deep Black case colour with Royal Grey material – this is a 4 meter length awning

Suggested lengths of the L3 H3 is 4m

The awnings all project 2.5m and come with integrated folding telescopic legs that you can peg to the floor

Alternatively the legs can be connected to the van using the brackets supplied to have the legs at a angle

Supplied with a manual winding handle to operate the awning