Vitrifrigo C51i 12v Compressor Fridge New Chrome Lock Series

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Upgraded for 2022 the C51i ChromeLock is the upgraded version for 2022

New features:

  • Increased door thickness
  • Anti-finger and scratch resistant finish with soft touch feel
  • Replaceable seal
  • Satin finish handle
  • Vent position system

12v compressor fridge ideal for use in caravan, motorhomes, campervans & boats

Originally designed for marine use however is fast becoming a popular fridge for van conversions

The C51i is the very popular for use in smaller campervans such as VW T4, T5 & T6

It is also a direct size replacement for the Waeco CRX50 and even has the notch at the rear base to allow for snugger installation

Its shallow depth means it can fit into the smallest of spaces

No external ventilation required

The ChromeLock smart locking system allows secure locking of the door even during intensive and extreme use of the vehicle.

Incorporated into the ChromLock handle is the “vent position” function, allowing the door to be held ajar, thus avoiding the formation of mould and odours during periods of non-use.

ChromeLock satin finish handle tested ver 150,000 opening and closing cycles offers positive and safe door closing and integrated vent position.

The New door is lighter with eh same overall dimensions and totally in-built with a smoother and elegant side frame, 412mm thick.

Reversible and available in 2 colour variants Light & Dark (Grey & Black).

The Light version has a elegant glossy grey laminated panel with a pearly effect, while in the Dark version the panel is matt black with anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant finish with a soft touch feel.

Possibility to use finishing panels from 0.8mm to 3mm thick guaranteeing simple and ultra-fats installation.


  • 12v or 24v Compressor
  • Available in Grey & Black
  • Interchangeable decorative panel
  • Magnet closure
  • Locking door catch
  • Temperature controlled by mechanical thermostat
  • 3.6 lite ice cube box


  • Capacity: 51 litre
  • Consumption in watts (With compressor running) 40 W
  • Average 12 Volt Consumption (over 24f hours in Uk summertime) 0.5 A/H
  • Weight: 17Kg


  • 380mm W x 532mm H x 482mm D (524mm Including door )

How does this compare the Waeco & Vitrifrigo? See here: Compressor Fridge Test

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