Thetford N4080E+ 3 Way Fridge



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New for 2020 the 4th generation of Thetford fridges

The E+ range now all come with LED display and automatic energy selection as standard

Upgraded 230v system that will run between 205v and 250v with no issues (previous generations were optimum at 230v)

N4080E+, at 486mm wide, 821mm high and 543mm deep this replaces a large number of older Thetford & Dometic fridges

3 Way caravan/motorhome fridge, designed to run on mains, gas or 12v (12v is travelling facility only)

Comes with interchangeable trims so door can hang on the left or right

  • Auto power source selector
  • Newly designed LEd display
  • Secure closed door
  • Flexible doors bins
  • Flexible shelves
  • Black trims and black panel as standard
  • First class cooling performance
  • CE mark of quality
  • CFE-free and almost entirely recyclable
 Dimensions (depth includes door) 486mm(W)x821mm(H)x543mm(D)
 Total Volume (Inc freezer) 81 Litre
 Freezer Volume 10 Litre
 Door Hanging Left or Right
 Wheel Arch Model Yes
 Energy Consumption 2.4kWh/24h
 Energy Consumption Gas 240g/24h
 Net Weight 22.5Kg
 Control Panel LED
 Power Source Selector Manual
 Door Shape Flat Door