Unicon Thermo Liner 7mm Foam Insulation Campervan Insulation 25M X 1M



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This listing is for a 25m x 1m roll 

The multi purpose insulation material is fast becoming the best practise for insulating van conversions.

The foam is made from cross linked polyethylene and comes self self adhesive one side and embossed aluminium foil the other.

It gives great insulating and and sound deadening properties.

At only 80gms/m2 is is also light weight.

Easy to install with self adhesive backing, simply cut to size, peel the packing off and stick in your desired position.

Flexible so easy to work into and around corners and rubs etc.

Once installed sound levels drop dramatically as well as keep the vans both warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Also reduces condensation dramatically.

How much do I need for my van?

This is the million dollar question, it is hard t give an exact amount as some people sill cover every square inch and some will just cover the flat panels and inserts.
However from experience of selling this to van conversions for a few years we recommend the below.

  • For SWB day vans such as WT T6 – 15m
  • For LWB high roof vans such as VW Crafter – 30m

Do I need anything else?

This is again personal preference however we would recommend you use a “lose fill” insulation with this such as 35mm White Dacron Polyester Insulation 15m Roll

Once you have the Unicon Thermo Liner in place you can use the Dacron to fil the voids.


Unicon Insulation spec sheet