Gaslow Filler Kit 0.6m

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The Gaslow  Autogas recessed Filling Kit 01-4106 comes complete with cap and housing in a white finish together with fitting kit for mounting to the side of your caravan or motorhome.

Connection to the cylinder is with the safe rubber-free Stainless Steel 0.6 metre flexible hose with 3/4” UNF connections.

Installation is straight-forward.  All that is required is a 70 mm hole cut where you want to fit the filler pod, The filler housing is made up of two parts and sandwiches the vehicle body between the 2 parts.  The kit comes with different length filler housing fixing screws which allow for the different thicknesses of vehicle wall.

The 0.6 metre length filling kit is suited to mounting the filler point directly through the  gas locker wall.

This filler kit enables you to fill from a Bayonet style LPG Autogas pump which we use in the UK. (If you are travelling abroad then you will need the appropriate fill adaptor for the country you are visiting)

The Gaslow Filler Kit White 0.6 metre 01-4106 is available with Black, White or Grey finish