Gaslow Gas Locker 11Kg 01-7040



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This black metal box which fulfils all the requirements for a safety locker in which to store your 11kg Gaslow refillable canister.

Each locker is leak tested and complies to BS EN 1949:2002 A3-2013.

The box is manufactured from steel and is powder coated, access is via a completely removable front panel which is held in place by two quarter-turn latches.

A rubber seal and 50mm high base tray ensure the safety of your gas storage.

The lockers are supplied without holes cut for drop-out vents or gas pipes. Depending on your own installation you can place them wherever is appropriate.

External dimensions: 600mm high, 345mm wide, 370mm deep (includes 20mm for the door latch knobs sticking out the front)

This locker will only accommodate the Gaslow 11kg cylinder. 13kg or 15kg rental cylinders do not fit.