Truma Style 30Mbar Fixed GOK Regulator

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In 2003 – the NCC announced a change in the regulation of gas regulators

The standard changed from the use of bottle mounted regulators to bulk-head mounted regulators and mean that instead of two pressure settings (27mbar for butane and 37mbar for propane) there would be a standard of 30 mbar for both gas types

GOK have manufacturers the Truma regulators for years, Truma have not moved onto a new manufacturer but GOK are still manufacturing the GOK style regulators

The Truma regulators were supplied and fitted to all major manufacturers vehicles in the UK

As many users of caravans and motorhomes will know – over the past few years there have been issues with a contaminant blocking the regulators

Although undecided where the source of the oil residue was – it was found that raising the regulator as high as possible and integrating an elbow helped reduce this issue dramatically

Through shear determination and full co-operation between the NCC – Truma and manufacturers in the UK – Truma & GOK developed an evolvement of the bulk-head mounted regulator that integrates the elbow adaptation – making the combined unit – cheaper and more efficient

Available in either 8mm or 10mm style outlet style

To be sure you have the correct one you need to know the diameter of the copper pipe coming out your regulator