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Among its many other features the Victron Cerbo GX is ideal as a central control unit for all your electric items.

You can connect all electric items to this unit and then connect to it in many ways.

This communication-centre allows you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are and maximises its performance.

Simply connect through our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access directly, using the separate GX Touch 50, a MFD or our VictronConnect App thanks to its built-in WiFi Access Point.

This latest addition to the GX-range combines all the best of connectivity, redefining smart power solutions in every way.

The Cerbo GX maximises the performance of your systems components in real-time and keeps them in perfect tune.

With its Dual Core Processor and the addition of an extra CAN-bus port you can now support even bigger systems; closely follow managed (lithium) batteries while the second port can support up to 25 simultaneously connected VE.Can solar chargers.

The new NMEA 2000-out support has the GX easily integrated into any boats network.

Four tank- and four temperature ports as well as 3 VE.Direct ports, 3 USB ports, 4 digital inputs and 2 relays allow you to expand control to a new level.

Maximising systems performance was never this easy!

The Cerbo GX is now optimised to more than meet the standards of installer professionals.

The device is easily mountable on a DIN-Rail (with DIN35 adapter small, not included) and its separate touchscreen can now be bolted on top of a dashboard, eliminating the need to create perfect cut-outs (like with the Color Control GX) and is connected through just one cable, taking away the hassle of having to bring many wires to a dashboard.

Its new Bluetooth feature enables a quick connection and configuration via our VictronConnect app.