Sargent 12v Wireless Phone Charger With Additional USB Port WX100



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Great new Product from Sargent Electrical

Wireless phone charger

Fast Charge Wireless Charger that fits into worktops or other flat surfaces

Easy installation, fit for 60mm diameter hole drilling into your surface

Easy to set up and use, place a device on the charging pad and automatically begins charging.

Simply connect a 12v feed to the wires and you are ready to go

If your phone or device is not wireless charge compatible not to worry, there is also an inbuilt USB charging socket to allow wired charging

Cleve little sliding cover for the USB socket to prevent dust and debris


  • 75mm diameter
  • Suggested cut out 60mm
  • 23mm deep.

Compatible with 98% of digital electronic products such as MP3m MP4, Cell Phones, IPHONE, IPAD, GPS, Bluetooth, Digital Camera and so on.