C-Line CMS Range Single Surround Dark Grey Slim Frame 1 Way PO290



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C-Line CMS range make the finish of the trims around your C-line sockets more neat and compact.

Unlike the standard C-Line surround the CMS range do not need an inner fixing trim, if you can secure the c-line sockets using the corer holes then you can trim up the outside with the CMS range.

This listing is for the Po290 which is the dark grey 1 way face plate

C-Line is a modular range of wide range of electrical Components & Facias that mix and match to suit whatever your requirement you have.

They are interchangeable with CBE Style sockets and switches or facias etc.

Fitted in a wide range of Caravans & Motorhomes including Bailey, Elddis, Adria & Coachman