Amati Walnut 15MM Furniture Board



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Amati Walnut is our latest addition and is fast becoming a very popular colour with self builders/convertors

This furniture board is constructed with solid light Weight Plywood all the way through the sheet

This means you can cut to any size and shape and have the same strength in any part of the board

The plywood core is Ilomba plywood which is light weight and has excellent screw retention and impact properties

The Amati Walnut is a PVC Vinyl finish

PVC vinyl is a relative new style finish, it is harder wearing than the standard furniture vinyl

Please note this is not a laminated finished board

Boards come in 8ft x 4ft sheets (2440mm x 1220mm)

15mm finished thickness

Weight per sheet: 23kg (Approx)


raw on all four edges

We also have a range of doors, trims & edgings custom made to match this board