Thetford C200 Swivel Shower Tray

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Fast becoming our most popular shower tray for new van conversions

Can be cut down to offer our smallest option of having a shower tray and toilet fitted

Made from HIPPS plastic with a white gloss finish

Cut out is designed to take all Thetford C200 toilets (Will also fit out Dometic CT toilets)

Available in left or right hand (See pictures to determine which is which)

As they come there is a is a slight difference in measurements between the left and right hand Left hand shower tray measurements

See photo 3 to show one installed in a customers van and show what can be created

  • L/H Tray measures 1025mm x 670mm
  • R/H Tray measures 1019mm x 700mm
  • However both can be trimmed down to 940mm x 620mm if required