Travellife Scala Awning Side Panel Universal Medium (Fits Fiamma, Thule & Dometic)



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With the Travellife Scala side panel universal M, you can always sit in the open air while you are protected against various weather influences. You can easily attach the Scala side panel to your Thule, Fiamma or Dometic cassette awning.

The medium is designed for awning that have a cassette height from the ground of 225cm – 244cm.

Side panel with round windows

Would you like to create a sheltered spot in front of your camping vehicle? Then the Scala side panel is the perfect addition! The cloth is made of double-coated polyester fabric and therefore water and UV-resistant. This side panel is suitable for Thule, Fiamma and Dometic cassette awnings with a 2.50-metre projection. It fits on vehicles with an awning mounting height of 2.25 to 2.44 metres. This is the distance from the bottom of the closed cassette to the ground. The side panel has round windows with included blinds. You can attach the blinds by means of magnets.

Main benefits

  • Suitable for Thule, Fiamma and Dometic awnings
  • Easy to attach with aluminium tension arm with smart lock
  • Sealing profile made of foam
  • Can be used on the left and right side
  • Water and UV-resistant due to double-coated polyester fabric
  • Including storage bag, straps and pegs
  • Round windows with supplied blinding

Easy to assemble

You can easily install the side panel yourself. The side panel is universal and can therefore be attached on the left or right side of the awning. Special mounting adapters are supplied with the side panel so that it fits various cassette awnings. You will need this when you want to attach the mounting bar to your Thule or Fiamma awning. Using the smartlock, you can pull the fabric nice and taut. The foam sealing profile ensures that the side panel fits seamlessly on your camping vehicle. You can pull it taut using the included pegs and tensioners. After your camping holiday, you simply store the side panel in the included storage bag. This keeps it in the best possible condition for your next vacation.

Complete your Thule, Fiamma or Dometic cassette awning with the Scala side panel universal M. Thanks to the double-coated polyester fabric, the side panel lasts extra long. Thanks to the round windows, you can still enjoy the surroundings while being protected against various weather conditions.

Suitable for:

Thule Awnings:

  • 550
  • 4900
  • 5002
  • 5003
  • 5102
  • 5200
  • 5800
  • 6002
  • 6200
  • 6502
  • 6802
  • 6900
  • 8000
  • 9200
  • Tristor ll made after 2011
  • V10XL

Dometic Awnings:

  • PW1000
  • PW1100
  • PW1500
  • PW1750
  • PR2000
  • PR2500

Fiamma Awnings:

  • F35pro
  • F45L
  • F45S
  • F80L
  • F80S