Camptech Savanna DL Full Caravan Awning Steel Poles

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New to Magnums for 2024

These are one of the few items we do not keep on the shelf currently however awnings can be shipped direct direct from within 1-2 working days of order.

The Savanna DL is a fantastic introduction for those caravanners who are looking for exceptional durability with attention to detail at surprisingly exceptional value.

Available in various sizes.

Manufactured in the specially developed all season Climatech SR18 this superior grade material is easy to clean and ideal for seasonal pitch camping. The Savanna Steel 22/25mm Frame consists of our unique Griploc clamps. Included with the frame will be Uniloc Pads to assist in fitting the frame to the side of your caravan. Combining all of these factors together creates a highly durable all season awning. The Savanna DL provides that extra strength and performance that a seasonal pitched awning demands.

This awning is perfect for all seasons and extremely durable for everyday use as well as undesirable weather. The Savanna DL is packed full of features that will assist in your pitching and touring needs such as Techline Smooth Flow zips and two zipped ventilation points one is located on the front apex and the other can be found underneath the window film on one of the side panels. You can privatise your awning with our modern designed curtains and our outside privacy blinds.

Whilst your awning is in use, all four panels can be fully unzipped or take in your surroundings by unzipping the panel down into a veranda style (veranda bar optional). Still feeling the need for more space? The side panels can be removed to attach one of our annex’s that suits your needs. For extra stability why not purchase a set of our Techline Secure Straps and attach them to the buckles already sewn in to the outside corners of your awning.


  • Uniloc Pads
  • Techline Zips
  • Draft Skirt
  • Wheel Arch Cover
  • Curtains
  • Heavy duty nylon pegs
  • Ladder Bands
  • Peg Bag to keep your pegs organised and safe


• Roof material: Climatech SR18 All Season Coated Polyester
• Wall material: Climatech SR18 All Season Coated Polyester
· Available In Sizes: 8 to 22
· Depth: 240cm
· Colour: Anthracite/Light Grey
· Weight: Approx 39kg (Size 10 Canopy & Frame Combined)
· Due to the size range we offer, the front layout from size 8 to 11 features 2 front windows and from size 12 to 22 features 4 front windows.
· Please note sizes 11-22 are supplied with 2 extra roof poles, sizes 14-22 are supplied with 2 extra front leg poles & sizes 20-22 are supplied with 2 extra roof raiser poles.
• Techline Zips
• Draft Skirt
• Wheel Arch Cover
• Curtains
• Heavy Duty Nylon Pegs
• Ladder Bands
• Peg Bag
• Figure of 8
• Canvas Holdal