Truma Saphir Comfort Floor Mount Air Con

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A floor mounted and floor flues is a powerful storage component air conditioning unit

Offers up to 2400 watt of cooling and 1700 watt of heating power

Please be aware heating operation is only suitable for spring & autumn and will nor be enough for use in winter

Mains powered with wall control and remote control as standard

The Truma range not only cool the air but dehumidifies and cleans it

  • Practical timer function to switch the appliance on and off automatically
  • Select the temperature in one degree increments
  • In heat pump mode, heats with up to 1700W
  • Can be used at camp sites with fuses from six amperes

Thanks to the pre-assembled fixing system, it is installed very quickly. The storage compartment air conditioning system is ideal for vehicles between 5.5 and about 6.5 metres long. For larger vehicles, Truma recommend that you install two Saphir air conditioning systems.

Truma Saphir compact is installed centrally in a storage compartment, such as in a storage bench, so that the cold air is distributed evenly throughout the entire caravan or motor home.

  • Cools very efficiently
  • The smallest air conditioning system in its class: space-saving installation in a storage bench
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers: not only cools the air, but also cleans and dehumidifies it
  • Four operating modes (cooling, heating, automatic, air circulation) and three fan speeds
  • In sleep mode, the internal fan operates at a slow speed and is therefore very quiet

Can also but used with a CP plus panel & iNet box to you can control your mobile phone

Also if you have a Truma Combi boiler you can link the air con to the boiler and both to you phone to give you full climate control of your vehicle

What i get in the kit:

  • Truma Saphir Comfort Air Con Unit
  • Wall mount analogue thermostat / control
  • Remote control
  • Additional internal ventilation grill (40040-29200)

We also include a internal ventilation grill (40040-29200) FOC as it is necessary for installation but Truma do not supply with the units

What else do i need?

You will need the cold air ducting pipe, pipe clips and outlets to distribute the cold air around your vehicle

We do offer a suggest ducting & outlet kit which comes with

  • 15m x KR65 COld air Ducting Pipe
  • 3 x Butterfly Outlets In in Black
  • 15 x Ducting Pipe Clips


Power supply 230 V – 240 V ~, 50 Hz
Power consumption, cooling 4.2 A
Power consumption, heating 3.7 A
Start-up current20 A (150 ms)
Cooling power 2400 W
Heating power 1700 W
Volumetric air flowmax. 380 m³/h
Deployment range+4 °C to +43 °C
Maximum incline during operation 8%
Weight (without installation material)approx. 23.5 kg