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New for 2024 the Truma Aventa Comfort but now available with back external cover

Roof mounted air conditioning system with a 2400W cooling output and 1700W heating input – thanks to integrated heat pump

Truma Aventa comfort cools your vehicle to a pleasant temperature within a very short time.

The air is also cleaned and dehumidified to ensure a pleasant indoor climate even with minor differences between the inside and outside temperature.

But the powerful roof-mounted air conditioning system can do even more: it can also be used as a heater.

Thanks to the integrated heat pump, you can heat your motor home or caravan especially on cooler days in spring and autumn. And it’s extremely energy-saving.

*Please note no roof mount air con offers goods enough heating for a winter temperatures*

  • Very efficient in cooling and heating modes
  • Switch the air conditioning system on and off easily with the remote control
  • High output despite weighing just 33 kilograms

From a technical aspect, all Aventa air conditioning systems are optimised so that they run especially quietly.

Cool air flows throughout the entire vehicle via the air distributor.

To set the ideal air flow, adjust the four air outlets to the desired level.

The air distributor also has an integrated dimmable mood lighting feature.

Adjust the room temperature either by remote control.

A specialist workshop can install the Truma Aventa comfort air conditioning system in place of a skylight.

As the inside air distributor is very flat, it hardly obstructs free movement inside the vehicle.

  • Especially quiet in sleep mode with reduced fan speed
  • Use the timer to set the desired running time
  • Select the room temperature in one degree increments
  • Four operating modes (cooling, heating, automatic, air circulation) and three fan speeds
  • Mood lighting works also without air conditioning


Power supply            230 V – 240 V ~, 50 Hz

Power consumption, cooling         4.2 A

Power consumption, heating        3.7 A

Start-up current        28 A (150 ms)

Cooling power          2400 W

Heating power          1700 W

Volumetric air flow   max. 400 m³/h

Deployment range   +4 °C to +40 °C

Maximum incline during operation           8%

Weight (without installation material)       approx. 33 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H)—

Outer dimensions (L x W x H)        1008 x 660 x 248 mm

Inner dimensions (L x W x H)        670 x 523 x 46 mm

Roof cut-out (L x W):           380 x 350 mm / 400 x 400 mm

A great USP of these air conditioning units is that you can combine them with a Truma Combi boilers and to give you full vehicle climate control which you can operate remotely form the Truma app.