Magnum Pro Floor Delamination Kit (With Dowels & Syringe)



Glue kit designed to repair spongy floors in caravans & motorhomes

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Caravan floor repair kit consists of part A and part B chemical, 1 x syringe & 50 x dowels.

Modern caravan and motorhome floors are manufactured through a process of lamination, whereby a composite panel is created by bonding insulation between sheets of plywood. Floor delamination occurs when the bond between the substrates fails, and the floor becomes ‘spongy’ as the insulation and the plywood are no longer held together as a structural unit. If left untreated, friction between the substrates can wear away at the insulation forming a void.

Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro is used for the repair of such delaminations in caravans, motorhomes, static park homes and commercial vehicles. By drilling a series of holes through the top of the floor it is possible to inject the adhesive and the panel is then pressed or clamped until full cure has taken place, rebonding the floor substrates back together and filling the void to restore the structural integrity of the floor.

The resin has been designed specifically for application by injection through a syringe and flows readily to fill the void into which it has been injected. Being a 100% solids material it will not shrink during cure, and being a two part system it will cure in totally enclosed spaces. Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro contains no solvents so it will not attack sensitive materials e.g. polystyrene, styrofoam.

Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro is a low viscosity, self-levelling, fast cure epoxy based adhesive. The product has a reasonable pot life for ease of use, but will be tack free overnight at 15°C, although lower temperatures will increase the cure time, Tradeweld Floor kit Pro will continue to cure at temperatures close to freezing point. The low volatility of the Resins and curing agent mean that the kit will be of a low odour for greater user comfort.


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Please see chemical technical data sheet Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro – TDS