Trim-Fix Adhesive Carpet Spray Glue



Aerosol contact adhesive for wall lining carpet and other applications

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Spray adhesive ideal for adhering our wall lining carpet to wood or metal

Ideal for use in vehicle trimming applications such as head linings, door panel trims, carpet etc

It exhibits high temperature resistance up to 120 degrees C, and is extremely flexible

Trim Fix is particularly suited for bonding most furnishing materials including fabrics, leather, foam and carpets etc. to themselves or each other or to substrates such as wood, metal, plastic glass or rubber

It is equally effective in manufacturing or refurbishing the interiors or coaches, caravans, leisure homes, boats and other similar vehicles

Directions For Use:

The surface to be bonded must be clean, dry and contaminate free
From approximately 25cm (10″) spray one surface horizontally and the other vertically each to a minimum coverage of 80%

Allow the adhesive to become touch dry

Press firmly together from the centre working outwards to achieve a good contact and exclude any air bubbles