MPK Vision Star L Pro 700 x 500 Rooflight



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New from MPK for 2020 a bigger brother the ever popular vision star pro 400 rooflight

A great competitive alternative to the Seitz Dometic Midi Heki

Designed to fit a 700mm x 500mm cut out, so ideal for panel van conversions

The new aerodynamic design provides improved flow characteristics during driving

The advantages are obvious:.

Reduced road noise and less draft despite continuous ventilation.

For smoother operation, the hood VisionVent M pro generates an adequate driving pleasure with the greatest possible comfort.

Furthermore, a new ventilation principle has been developed, which ensures a better condensation protection.

The model VisionVent M pro meets all expectations of a modern hood and combines functionality with a high degree of travel comfort.



  • Large smoked glass cover as rain protection
  • Snow and splash guard edge
  • Exhibitor with locking
  • Inner frame in modern design < li> net and darkening as pleated
  • Covered ventilation in indoor dome
  • Air cushion reduces droplet formation
  • Channels lead from condensation
  • Aerodynamic Hood
  • Less driving noise
  • Less draft despite continuous ventilation
  • Opens to any angle up to 55°
  • Roof thickness: 25-60mm 
  • Cut-out: 500 x 700 mm
  • Dome size : 815 x 583 mm
  • Height above roof: 105 mm

At present the instructions are only available in German, as soon as the English are available we will add them to this listing.

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