Emove EM303A Electric Engage Caravan Motor Mover Single Axle



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With oversize alloy rollers giving better traction and all-season protection for the motor and engagement mechanism, plus the addition of electric engage, the Emove 303A caravan mover is so simple to use with no bending down – touch a button to automatically engage the rollers and move your caravan effortlessly

If you have a single-axle caravan, then this is the caravan mover you really want.

Based on the EM303 manual-engage model with oversize rollers and e-cover protection for all-season use, this advanced model also has the luxury of electric engage rollers.

There’s no need to bend down or even touch the motors of your caravan mover: simply engage and disengage at the touch of a button.

You can sit down and relax when moving your caravan with the EM303A as the handset holds the key to everything you need.

On pressing ‘engage’ the pressure sensors judge exactly how hard to push rollers against each tyre (even if the pressure or tread is low) to give the best performance.

The EM303A leads where the competition will follow – giving you a clear advantage. Enjoy the future now with the EM303A and relax with a completely effortless caravan mover.

  • Emove display dash handset giving caravan overload and low battery indicators
  • Electric engage dual roller engagement.
  • E-Cover all season protection for motor and engagement
  • Over size Alloy rollers
  • Suitable for single or twin axle caravan (use 2 movers for total directional control of a twin axle caravan)
  • E coating paint work and half cover
  • Includes soft start/stop technology for accurate and shockproof maundering
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty when fitted professionally.
  • Not suitable for folding caravans

Safe Working Load: 2250 kg Tarmac /1800kg Sand and Gravel on the flat.

Incline: Capable of moving 1600kg up 18% slope

Total weight: 34kg including fittings