Lumo 1 LED – Single Lumo



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Brand new for 2020 finally Lumo have made the ever popular Lumo 1 in the LED version

Ideal for use in kitchens and other areas that require task lighting, the Lumo 1 LED light provides illumination to those hard to reach spaces. It has a flick switch for instant and independent
lighting control, with a cool white hue once switched on.

The Lumo1 LED light is a stylish lighting solution, ideal for integration in kitchen and storage areas.

It has an opal diffuser and white finish to complement the interiors of most leisure vehicles. It exudes a cool white glow to enhance surrounding areas.

Part of Lumo Lighting’s Lumo range, the Lumo1 LED light has been re-engineered to meet growing efficiency and illumination requirements.

It replaces fluorescent tubes with LED technology to enhance efficiencies while offering the level of illumination required for appropriate task lighting.

An LED light fixture running from less than five watts, with a long lamp life, the Lumo1 LED light has an EEC A+ energy rating that helps increase cost efficiencies and reduce power consumption.


  • 12v DC
  • 4.5 Watts
  • 370mm L x 55mm W x 24mm H