Whale HeatAir 4G & Twin Fitting Kit



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New for 2020 and built with van converters in mind

A under floor mount compact gas blow air heater supplied complete as a kit ready to go

Fat heat up and fully automatic output modulation for enhanced user comfort

Quiet night time operation for when you need it most

Even and well maintained heat distribution

Easy intuitive controls

The HeatAir 4G fully modulating gas fuelled blown air heater gives an impressive 4kW of heat output – but only when you need it,   if you require only a low output to maintain an already comfortable temperature then the HeatAir automatically detects what is needed and adjusts its output to suit.

Let its clever software detect what is required to get your living space up to the desired temperature and the heater will select the most appropriate heat output and airflow to achieve this whilst maintaining maximum user comfort

Technical specifications:

HeatAir 4G
Conformity CE CE677877
ECE R122 E13 122R – 000174
ECE R10 E11 10R – 1079*00
Ingress Protection IP45
Gas Type Butane/Propane 30mbar – CAT |38/P(30)
Heat Output                     (kW) 1.4, 2.8,   4.1
Consumption                   g/h 109, 233,   342
Electric 12VDC Voltage                               (V) 10.1 to 15.9
Current Draw Range       (A) 0.6 – 4.5
Current Draw Average   (A) 1.4
Standby                               (A) 0.008
Rated Fuse Size                 (A) 10
Temperature Storage                                 (C) -40 to +70
Operation -20 to +50
Control +5 to +32
Physical Dimension L X W X H     (mm) 469 x 165 x 175
Weight                                 (kG) 5.5
Max air flow @ 0.5bar (m3/h) 150
Altitude range                 (M) 0 – 2750