Truma Full Vehicle Climate Control System Floor Mount

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This is a bundle deal put together by us at Magnums

You can combine a Truma Combi boiler with a Truma air conditioning unit and add a iNet box to make a full climate control system that you can operate from your smartphone

This allows you to have complete climate control in your van all operated by a single control inside the vehicle and remotely via the free Truma app

As part of the bundle we are offering the Truma iNet box FOC which is worth £295 (as of 15/03/2019)

We have 2 options, a standard kit which is ideal for panel vans or a deluxe kit which is better for larger coach-built motorhomes

In a standard kit you would get:

In the deluxe kit would get: 

Do I need anything else? 

Yes, neither the air con or the combo boiler come with the ducting and outlets to route the air around the vehicle

We have made some suggested kits up or we do sell all the part separately

However everything else you need to install will be included in the kits