Gaslow R67 Refillable Cylinder 11Kg

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Gaslow R67 Refillable Cylinder is designed for installation in your caravan/motorhome locker

They can be filled using the Gaslow Filler Kit at thousands of LPG stations across the UK and Europe

For complete safety the R67 approved filler valves automatically shut off the gas when the cylinder is 80% full- preventing the dangers associated with overfilling

It also has an overpressure safety relief valve

The outlet valve has a built in filter to prevent impurities in he gas damaging the regulator

The cylinder has an excess flow valve to restrict the flow of gas if the hose ruptures

These new R67 cylinders are also fitted with a new mechanically accurate contents gauge

Gaslow recommend using the Gaslow 21.8 LH stain steel Hose to connect to your caravan/motorhome regulator

  • Capacity: (80&) – 21 liters
  • Height: 560mm
  • Diameter: 304mm
  • Empty Weight: 12.4Kg
  • Outlet Connection: 21.8LH Thread

Available as cylinder 1 or cylinder 2 Cylinder 1 is designed for use on a single bottle system bottle 2 is the additional second bottle

  • Photo 1 Shows bottle 1
  • Photo 2 Shows bottle 2