Gastore LPG Gas Tank Kit For VW T5/T6 Vans



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After the success of the the bigger Ducato gas tank kit we have been selling for a few months now we are happy to announce a similar system designed to work on Volkswagon T5& T6 vans

Run your LPG appliances using super cheap gas from the filling station pump

This LPG kit allows you to fit a refillable LPG tank underneath your VW T5 or VW T6, so freeing up valuable space inside as well as saving you money on your gas.

The kit includes all the parts you will need to do an installation and comes pre-assembled, right from the fill point though to the low pressure side of the regulator,  meaning less assembly on site for the installer, less chances of leaks and no chance of forgotten hoses, clips, brackets etc..on the day of installation.

The only optional extras needed are European filler adapters if you want to fill on the continent

The tank fits in the space between the rear wheels that would otherwise be taken up by the diff of a 4motion (so wont fit a 4motion),  it picks up on four existing holes in the chassis and secured using the supplied M10 rivnuts and stainless steel bolts.  The fill point and BBQ point bracket picks up on an existing bolt between the chassis and bumper so ensuring compliance to the minimum pull force requirement.

So what’s included.

15 litre tank

LPG vapour phase multivalve with electronic solenoid and level sender to 2014/68/EU (PED)

Stainless steel mounting brackets

Standard UK bayonet filler with protective cover

Quick release BBQ coupling with protection cap and isolator

Stainless steel fill point/BBQ mounting bracket

1.25 metre high pressure overbraid fill hose (comes connected and tested)

Cavagna 28 – 30 mBar regulator with GOK test nipple.

0.75 metre pigtail (comes pre-connected and tested between the tank to the regulator)

Internal level and solenoid GASTORE CE approved controller

Double pole fused junction box

5.5 metres of solenoid cable

5.5 metres of level sender cable

4 x M10 Rivnuts

4 x M10 x 25mm stainless steel fixing bolts

4 x M10 spring washers

2 x 16mm P clips

Installation and operating instructions

Tank/Valve/Regulator compliance certificates

Birth Certificate and log card.