Truma Gas Filter 50602-01 (E1)



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The Truma gas filter effectively protects your LPG system against contaminated gas

Separates up to 99% of the oily particles

Prevents bulkhead regulators clogging and gas burners on appliances from clogging

Supplied with the Trauma gas spanner which its self it worth £15-£20

Evaporation residue such as ole-fines, paraffins and other hydro-carbon compounds gets into liquid gas during manufacturer and via the logistics chain.

There oily substances are transported form the liquid in the cylinder in the form or aerosols (liquid drop lets in the micrometer range) in the vapors flow of gas and are deposited in the gas pressure regulation system, pipelines and valves

The Truma gas filter has been specially developed for filtering there aerosols, and removes 99% of the oily particles thank to its efficient replaceable filter cartridge


  • Widest point measures 95mm (approx)
  • Tallest point measures 100mm (approx)