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The CBE PC210 KIT is an all in 1 electric kit

The new upgraded version of the very popular PC200, but with a new stylish Black gloss touch panel

Add a touch of luxury to your conversion with the top or the range Electrical control unit for campervans & motorhomes

The great advantage of this unit is once it is installed the only thing on show is the new black gloss touch panel which gives the van a very professional look

Included in the kit
  • CBE PC210 Black touch panel
  • DS300 12v Distribution box & fuses
  • CB510 Switching battery charger
  • Screws & probes for waste water tank
  • Cable kit for probes (6m)
  • Cables for control panel (6m)
  • Cables with sensors for internal temp (1.5m)
  • Cables with sensors for external temp (3m)
  • DS300 12v Box – 140mm W x 185mm H x 90mm D
  • DS120S 230v Box – 140mm W x 185mm H x 90mm D
  • CB516 Charger – 140mm W x 185mm H x 90mm D
  • PC210 Panel – 170mm W x 80mm H  x 10mm D

Please see full user manual here :CBE PC210 Install Manual

You will also need an additional water tank probe, these are not included because you need to order the correct size for your tank

  • 120mm (512012)
  • 150mm (512015)
  • 160mm (512016)
  • 180mm (512018)
  • 200mm (512020)
  • 220mm (512022)
  • 240mm (512024)
  • 280mm (512028)
  • 300mm (512030)
  • 310mm (512031)
  • 360mm (512036)
  • 400mm (512040)
  • 500mm (512050)

Download full user manual here